The review

Project evaluation time!


I’ve mentioned previously that one of the biggest barriers was language. However we were lucky to have a Portuguese student who excelled at English (suffice to say my teammates google translate hijinks were not effective). We commented honestly on our works. The location also made it difficult- we only had a week’s time to work side by side. Sometimes use of social media helped to get our idea across but nothing beats being face to face with your partners.


Me and Marcelino took initiative in poking the team to work. After a while everyone was contributing ideas left and centre. For the wireframe work, the software we used wasn’t exactly initiative so on the go learning had to take place. On the design side our hacking group decided to focus on different areas and had mini meetings during the making of to provide constant feedback and motivation. Our team managers pulled a great motif for us to work on too so I found the whole process smooth and enjoyable. One gold star to our class.


From the design perspective the Val do Rio and my own classmate praised the colour and character design. Though I can see why that there are a lot of improvements to be made. For instance there’s a lot grammar and spelling errors- you can clearly tell it was made within a 5 hour deadline. This is a flaw present in a lot of my works. The error made a huge crash this time due to my lack of focus on written content. Design is always meant to complement what’s most important: the content. Proofreading, play testing, debugging are just as important as adjusting your hues.

Design wise I made the amateur mistake of putting shades in the wrong places- as one of my peers pointed out. It’s easy to get pigheaded about design. However there are still many underlining principles and practises I’ll need on my belt before even calling myself a designer.

Personal Plan

  • Practise the software I learnt (otherwise I’ll forget to use everything other than Illustrator and Photoshop!)
  • Don’t be afraid to proofread. I have that habit since primary school. Now’s time to move on…
  • Read up more on design principles and make more. Can’t improve on creative work unless I create more.
  • Be more attentive of my team’s comments. That peer assessment really hit home.

In Portugal…

…we slept. Not.


Free days we toured around by ourselves, discovered hidden gardens and bought too many pastries.




Monday-Friday (I don’t remember the days at all so there)

The lovely Portuguese took us on a tour of the school and lunch (the pudding was a bit off but the Chicken was decent) before we settled down to work and collaborate.  Throughout the week we encountered many trials ad tribulations. At first our web team exported the site wireframes as InDesign files which unfortunately could not be opened in a later version of InDesign. That was our first technical issue. After overcome language barriers (I’m not ashamed to say that the Portuguese are better at English then any of us are at French) the groups decided to recreate the wireframes.

Half of the group did not have access to the Adobe creative suite due a room split so we made do with As strangely unsuitable as the software used is we managed to create a substantial wireframe with the Portuguese. We worked together with the Portuguese team to decide on how we’ll lay out the content on our specific page (again the main wireframe was designed by the web team but we still needed to arrange the content). Organising the content we created was priority, Marcelino (one of the Portuguese) suggest ideas too hovering effects etc. Despite the initial hiccups we managed to get through.

Next up we worked on case studies research. Our group decided to focus on the PSN attack, where thousands of account details were stolen. Discovering anonymous’ perhaps largest scheme in terms of people involved (approximately 77 million accounts had been stolen) was rather unsettling. Marcelino showed us Edward Snowden but we decided the PSN incident was probably more suitable for our topic as it was user based (whereas Snowden’s is a more political and grander matter for wholly different reasons).

In order to know the place better the Portuguese took us on a journey around Lisbon most notibly Belem. Where the famous Pasteire de Belem resided; indeed the egg tarts were unreal. My personal favourite is of course was the visit to a temporary Portuguese illustrators’ exhibition. The visuals on displayed certainly inspired everyone, me it was the stories that set those illustrations apart (some were rather dark but interesting still).

Even Go-Kart helped strengthen the the team’s bonds and raised our competitiveness which certainly reflected in the way we worked. I made my debut on the wheel too, I was obviously vigorous even if my head nearly got lobbed off at a speedy 3 mph (sarcasm intended). Marcelino came fourth in the fastest lap but somehow I dragged the team score down to 18th. I must have did a great job on driving slowly.

On the last Saturday the whole group went souvenir shopping. Which meant of course, egg tart hunting time. The pastries I brought back perfectly represents my obsession with Portuguese Pastries. Till the very end I struggled with understanding Portuguese (though I did nod uncontrollably when the waiter was speaking fluent Portuguese) so I used the good old method of pointing at what you want.

Overall Portugal was a growing up kind of experience for me. Cooking your own dinner; dealing with internal teen conflicts; wondering around Lisbon without get lost (clearly a lie); getting to know the various hostel guests (and playing chess with them); working with students from a different country on a project we both anticipated. I would have probably never imagined me doing any of these or even have the confidence to do it, but it turned out alright (well apart from the getting lost part and losing everything I own part). My favourite descriptor for Portugal is:

A year of worth stuff happened in 9 days.

Non-school related shenanigans


Admiring the gelato flavours.


Here’s the chicken I was talking about.


Celebrating go-karting race with the Portuguese.


Sleeping on the plane.


Playing blackjack at the hostel.


Visiting the heavenly Pastéis de Belém (the egg tarts are gorgeous).


Enjoying local food.


Taking in the scenery.


Going on tram tours.


Discovering a new sight in the rain.


Cieran making fiends with a Korean hostel resident.

photo (49)

Enjoying pizza at Chris’ birthday.

danwen pic

Intense chess games in the hostel.


Eating lunch with the Portuguese

Guide to virus removal

My final deliverable for the e-safety website. A tip of the vast amount of knowledge on anti-viral software/methods out there. Yes I got excited about this.

virus removal screenshot-danwen

Click for a PDF (it has links and everything!)

I was part of the hacking and virus team so we decided each to create separate content for the site on different topics within our field. Here’s the run down:

Dino (Internet fraud GIFs):


Alex (Types of Viruses infographic):


Timi (Antiviruses infographic):


Danwen (Removing viruses pdf guide):



Notice how the colour scheme and fonts are consistent. That’s because we worked from the head web team’s stylesheet. It really did lift up everyone’s work quality through working with the same palette and fonts alone. Thank goodness our democratic voting system had good results (the web leader did a capable job and broke little promises). The web team came up with a wireframe we all followed as well:



yellow website page wireframe




Inspirational logos + initial ideas

So we are doing logo design. Cue excitement, moodboards, sketches and lot’s of brain-blocks:

Snapshots of logos I like.

Snapshots of logos I like.


Ideas progression:

It all started with a wordstorm. What is connect labs and what words represented who we are?

It all started with a wordstorm. What is connect labs and what words represented who we are?

Then the design sketches. I love to work with post it notes.

Then the design sketches. I love to work with post it notes.